Customs Law

NICOLAS Avocat law firm assists you in the various aspects of customs law. As a firm in customs law, it assists you in the field of customs law in the European Union, and in the U.S. NICOLAS Avocat law firm supports its clients in particular in the cities of Paris, Brussels, London, Strasbourg, Luxembourg or The Hague.

Customs duty law

NICOLAS Avocat advises its clients on customs duty, in particular on U.S. and European customs duty. We help our client to determine their applicable commodity code or statistical code for the product they import.

Tariff classification

There several tariff classifications. We help to find the right tariff classification. That is very important to determine the right tariff classification because it will have a lot of consequences in practice. Indeed, duty rates vary depending on how goods are classified.

Customs valuation

We advise very often our clients on customs valuation. Moreover, customs valuation can be related to transfer pricing issues. Customs valuation can influence both the increasing or decreasing of the amount of duties paid.

EU customs law

As a specialized law firm in customs law, NICOLAS Law firm advise you on the different aspect of European customs law.

Common Customs Tariff

The European Commons Customs Tariff applies to the import of goods across the external borders of the European Union (EU). Although there is a European common customs tariff, the rate of customs duty change with regard to the kind of import. Indeed, it changes according to what they are and where they come from. The tariff corresponds to the combination of the classification of goods and the duty rates which apply to each classification of goods. Inside, the EU, there is the use of the TARIC, which is a kind of working tariff. Furthermore, the TARIC establishes a common system for coding and classifying goods known as the Combined Nomenclature (CN).

Customs clearance law

NICOLAS Avocat firm advises its clients on the different customs clearance procedures. These procedures require a lot of documentation. Thus, these documentations concern imports and exports of goods. Moreover, we advise you on the management of the customs duties and taxes related to customs clearance.

Import and Export Regulation

We advise you on the different requirements concerning export and import documentations.

Export documentations

Customs regulations require some export documentation concerning the export of some goods abroad. We help our clients to be compliant on these different aspects. These export documentation can be in a particular certificate of origin, shipping bill, sales invoice, purchase order from Buyer, packing list, bill of lading, and any other specific documentation.

Import documentations

Customs regulations require some import documentation concerning the import of some goods from abroad. We help our clients to be compliant on these different aspects. These import documentation can be in a particular certificate of origin, bill of entry, sales invoice of the supplier, packing list, and any other specific documentation.

Customs penalties

Whatever the country, customs penalties, and fines are always very high. Moreover very often any kind of violations of the customs regulations reaches to some customs penalties and fines.

Customs litigation law

NICOLAS Avocat law firm settles disputes about customs value, classification, and VAT rate applicability of products. We defend also our clients in disputes related to laundering money, evading tax or even financing criminal organizations. Thus, he works out with you the best litigation strategy, with regard to your customs problem.

NICOLAS Avocat law firm as a specialized firm in customs law, advises its clients on the different aspects of customs law through several countries.

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