EU law

European Law & Litigation

NICOLAS Avocat law firm assists you in the various aspects of European litigation. As a firm in EU law, it assists you consequently before the various European authorities and courts within the European Union (UE), for the application of European law, whether in Paris, Brussels, London, Strasbourg, Luxembourg or The Hague. Thus, he works out with you the best litigation strategy, with regard to your legal problem. Our firm advises you also in the regulatory law of the EU.

Areas of competence in European law

As a law firm specializing in EU law, we assist you in various areas of European litigation. These include, in particular, European Union disputes relating to the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. We, therefore, assist you with the various aspects of European business law, European public law, and European human rights. As such, we work in particular in the following areas:

  • Brexit
  • State aid
  • European taxation
  • VAT
  • Customs law
  • Competition law
  • Foreign investments
  • Public procurement
  • Golden shares

In addition, we bring you expertise on the various legal issues raised by Brexit. Indeed, Brexit has consequences on the different branches of EU law. Thus, we advise you, on the implementation of a post-Brexit strategy, for the preservation of your rights. In addition, the firm’s competence in European litigation allows it, in particular, to assist you before the various European courts and tribunals.

European authorities and courts

NICOLAS Avocat firm represents you before the various European authorities and jurisdictions of the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe. Thus, he assists you before the European Commission in Brussels. He will assist you before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg. He also assists you before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, in the context of European human rights litigation. Thus, in the context of community and European litigation, he represents you both before the CJEU and the ECHR. Before these European jurisdictions, we are notably implementing a real litigation strategy.

European litigation procedures

Our European firm assists you through the various European litigation procedures. NICOLAS Avocat law firm represents you in the litigation before the Court of Justice of the European, and the other European jurisdiction. We advise and assist as well as citizens than companies. Thus, our firm represents you within the European Union in the various remedies of European litigation:

  • Appeal to European authorities
  •  Actions before the European Commission
  •  Arbitration and mediation procedures
  •  References for a preliminary ruling
  •  Actions for annulment
  •  Remedy for failure to act
  •  Exceptions of illegality
  •  Proceedings concerning failure by the Member States
  • French VAT on aircraft ticket
    Liable to French VAT for an unused aircraft ticket